I’ll admit that, like a lot of the country, I never really understood how/why you would support a man like Donald Trump. A lot of us on this side found it hard to believe that anyone with half a brain would support and vote for a misogynist, racist, disablist, homophobic, bully who never… not once… ever told people how he would do all of the “Yuuuuge, great things” he was promising. 

To us, myself included, you all appeared to be lonely sheep following the biggest, smelliest sheep with no real clue why you followed him other than because he was the one who showed up and told you to follow him because he knows this really great place somewhere. And you all just keep walking around in circles and he promises you that there really is this really great place… somewhere. 

This is what you’ve all looked like to us for two years. 

But now that the election is over, I finally understand that we all had it horribly wrong. 

Say what you will but the results are in and most of you who voted for Donald Trump are uneducated white men and women. I’m not dissing you. This is a fact. It’s a very important fact. 

We, as an entire country, overlooked you in ways that have now put our country in the hands of someone very dangerous. We took for granted that you had the same access to education and diversity that we have had. We took for granted that you learned tolerance, acceptance, and love. All of those years, being left to fend for yourself in the woods has simply turned you feral and angry. 

I feel very sorry about that. 

So you did what all feral creatures do… you bit the fuck out of us to get our attention. 

You didn’t vote for Trump because you love his policies or actually believe he can get Mexico to build the biggest, yugest, beautiful wall around. You didn’t vote for him because you’re a racist, homophobic, sexist piece of shit (though, really? some of you are).

You voted for Donald Trump so we all finally look in your direction, to your piece of shit town that’s falling apart, where no one has the education to know how to fix it. 

I’m from the biggest piece of shit town (Hazleton, PA) so I can say with ultimate authority that everyone complains about the state of their city but they’re all too stupid to know how to repair it. They blame lack of jobs or the “damn Mexicans” for coming and ruining everything. 

The blame is actually ours. We, the people that want to help and love everyone, should have better educated you in rural, piece of shit America. We needed to be louder with our messages of tolerance, acceptance, respect,  and kindness. We needed to better explain that we don’t want to bring you down by teaching you… but that we wanted to lift you up and show you that kindness is the ultimate super power. 

It’s very sad that it took electing a President Trump to get me to understand this. 


So here is what I propose:

Those of us who are the educated living in the land of the uneducated… teach them. Show them kindness. When they are mean, become louder with acts of love. Prove to them that tolerance always makes the world a more peaceful place. Assure them that we don’t want to take away anything, but rather give them the fundamentals of co-existing with people different than them. Make sure they know that a life of not being angry is a happy life. 

And tell them “big things take care of little things”. Tell them that a lot. It’s very important to the future of everything. 


I’m sorry we needed a wake up call like this. It took the act of putting my freedom on the line to show me how much you are needing to be seen, helped, and educated. Bad attention is still attention. I believe that’s the “movement” Mr. Trump was talking about in his acceptance speech. That, or he’s planning on simply taking a massive shit on everyone. 

Either way, I see you now. I’ll inform everyone I know to give you the attention you have needed for so long. 

I expect that since you took such drastic measures to be noticed that you will accept our attention and help, knowing the intention is not to hurt you but to love you. 

I see you. I love you,

(disabled, lesbian, engaged to a legal immigrant, parent, woman, granddaughter of immigrants, white, lower middle class, no college degree, lover, fighter)

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