My name is Christine Leanne. I am from the mountains of Pennsyl-tuckey, having lived there for 26 years, and am now living in South Jersey. I have been designing web sites for 13+ years. I work as a webmaster for many websites including The PPSC and Police and Security News.

My “formal education” in html has been from a friend who desired for me to be skilled in all things code related. Therefore I am fluent in html, xhtml, dhtml, php, css, cgi and have a workable knowledge of many other coding languages. I am well versed in Photoshop, having spent the last 13+ years using it as my primary graphic design tool.

I worked for Unfun Games for five years helping develop online games. I was a world builder, game admin and helped handle customer support as well as aiding the web developer with day to day tasks. I also helped troubleshoot security related issues.

Though I spent many years working on a MMORPG, I do not consider myself a “gamer”. However, I started an app review site,, which focuses on apps/games that are disability friendly. The inspiration behind the site was from a little boy named Owen Cain. Owen, like me, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and uses an iPad to open up his world. With APPSbitch, I hope to make life a little easier for those in a similar situation as me.

I have been involved with Gary Brackett’s Impact Foundation. Gary is a local NFL hero who is inspirational beyond words. I am involved with his annual football camp by making up flyers and other such needed items. It is amazing to watch local children learn how to play football from a Super Bowl champion.

Photography is done in my spare time. I enjoy it but I still have much to learn. Some of my images can be purchased as prints, iPhone cases, or note cards on my Society6 Webshop. All proceeds from my Society6 shop are being used to fund Go! Go! JACO Arm!

Go! Go! JACO Arm! is a fundraiser to help me to be a little more independent. JACO is a robotic arm that attaches to my wheelchair and can easily be controlled with my current control box. Living with Type II Spinal Muscular Atrophy, I have lost the ability to use my hands and arms. This will only continue to worsen as I age. However, JACO can help me to do various everyday tasks such as getting myself a drink, grabbing things up high, opening doors, picking things up off the floor, plus anything else you can think of.

Perhaps my most favorite project is The Dust Bin. The Dust Bin is South Jersey’s only chinchilla rescue. I knew I just had to help chinchillas after I adopted my darling Wally Elephant, who is the sweetest fluffball in all the land. The business of running a rescue is a slow-moving adventure because of a lack of volunteers. My vision is to make everyone aware that small animals need just as much love and saving as cats and dogs.

When I am not in front of my desk working on various projects, you can most likely find me out at a concert venue. I have attended more concerts than I can begin to count, the first one happening when I was just eight years old (Eddie Money). I’ve met dozens of rock stars and was even on stage during Killswitch Engage’s set at Warped 2007. It was awesome. The most amazing experience of them all was when, after 15 years, I finally had the chance to meet Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. He is an inspiring, creative and caring man. Words will never be able to describe what that moment was like for me.

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named Christine, thirties, from Pennsyltucky, living in South Jersey, web designer, lesbian, has Type II SMA, wears a pink engagement ring, survives by eating snacks, American in love with a Kiwi, college student parent, collects dust, lives in a photograph, gives kisses instead of hugs, can't do simple math, likes pretty things, has an "elephant" tattoo.
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